Is Your Website ROI Garbage? 8 Ways to Recycle Your Website

I am unable to prove my website ROI. We don't have the technical expertise in house to rebuild our site. We don't have the budget to completely redesign our website. We've got a site, people see it, I think, why do I need a redesign? Any of this sound familiar?

There's plenty of popular objections to redesigning business websites, but incorporating your website as the core of your digital marketing strategy can return enormous rewards in the future. Allow me to share my favourite 8 reasons why.

Establish ROI

A website developed with a sales and marketing mind-set employs measurable metrics to prove its worth over time. A marketing website or as I like to call them "Marketing Machine", can and really should be a dynamic, growth monster.

Start thinking about meeting with your web development team each month to explore the latest implementation of properties and their corresponding conversions. With a marketing driven website, you'll continually be tracking data, so that you are conscious of how your site is performing and demonstrating that your modifications are having an effect.

Keeping it fresh

Thinking about a website as a static resource is constricting and outdated. A dynamic website engages visitors and provides premium and content relevant to their individual buyer's journey. Would you believe that over 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by visual factors? Incorporating powerful dazzling imagery delivers an aesthetic component to the purchasing experience. Video is better still.

Even in the event your visitors aren't ready to buy yet, their research into the goods and services that they need will be improved by the content you present on your site, and regardless of whether they realise it or not, they'll truly appreciate the experience you are serving up for them.

Think Long-term value

When you consider a website redesign, you may well be thinking just about the visual aspect of your website. But what about functionality, such as lead generation opportunities, and conversion possibilities? Regrettably, it's all too common for businesses to concentrate exclusively on the appearance of the site.

Visuals matter, of course they do, but they are only a small component of a larger picture. Analytics, tailor made content, and engagement are very much key factors of a potent website design, but these modifications don’t all have to be introduced at once.

With an effective marketing machine (there’s that term again) website, you don't have to jam all your strategy for the whole year into a single redesign. Alternatively, it is advisable to continuously be enhancing your site. You can delivery greater value by investing in monthly incremental improvements, rather than one larger website redesign expense up-front.

Become automated!

A marketing focused website can increase your sales funnel and close the gap between your sales and marketing initiatives, not to mention help improve your online visibility via SEO.

Marketing automation software such as HubSpot can keep track of every touch point a prospect has with your website, social media, and emails etc, so you're able to enhance pages dependent on real user behaviour.

Calls-to-action and their corresponding landing pages supply insight to your best performing offers. By creating tailored and targeted content offers, you are providing smart content material that's specific and relevant to your target clients.

Hitting the right people, at the right time

Only 4% of all website visitors are ready to buy. That’s not a typo. This is commonly the result of lack of education and lead nurturing.

The buyer's journey is comprised of 3 phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Conventional marketing concentrates solely on the last stage, without considering that countless website visitors who are simply looking for answers to their pain points.

Therefore, it is essential to use an Inbound marketing approach for your website strategy and design, so that you're not pusing the ultimate sale straightaway, but rather making it effortless for prospective buyers to handle their challenge at their own speed.

24/7 Selling

Constructing your website redesign based on a solid inbound marketing strategy means having a site that’s a 24/7 salesperson. If your website isn't selling night and day, you're really missing out on leads and revenue. Marketing automation effortlessly empowers this. Consider exploring A/B Testing CTAs, page titles and images etc. Change your CTAs monthly to see what content is most useful to your website visitors. By growing your engagement, you’ll also be improving your online visibility, which actually will also lead to an increase in website traffic.

Establish confidence, respect, and authority!

Transparency in the business world has never been more important. When you use a search engine, the most favoured, shared, and discussed content tends to rank higher. Having a visually pleasing and functional website is critical, but you should also be constantly generating content relevant to your industry. The objective of this continuous content creation is to grow into an industry "thought leader", establishing your organisation as a credible and trustworthy source of insight in your industry. Blogs, vlogs, and dynamic social media all play a role in thought leadership.

Be seen

You don't need a blue-chip budget to improve your SEO. There's a great deal more to being top than merely paying for the top ads. Over 90% of purchase cycles begin with an online search, so needless to say, SEO is extremely important for companies trying to be found online. If you do not rank well in search, it's difficult for visitors to find you. The Inbound marketing approach works particularly well with smaller niche businesses.

The most successful businesses are the ones that remain consistent in their connections online, by publishing premium content and engaging with consumers via the website and social media combined with traditional sales and marketing activities.

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