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Businesses today's are more competitive than ever. To differentiate their business and grow at the same time, they are looking towards inbound marketing to help them market the business through different channels such as social media, blogs, and distributing valuable and quality content. The real challenge is to get one's entire team to onboard onto the same system. HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing and sales platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years. HubSpot is a valuable tool that can help businesses go from average to above average. It is simple and easy to manage which makes it perfect for any small business. With HubSpot, your business can now have one centralised website for your business. You can also generate leads, engage, and nurture your audience through email and social media marketing, automate your marketing campaigns and track your progress.

Even though HubSpot is known for its ease of use, you might find it difficult to integrate it from the ground up.  You will find that the hardest part of HubSpot is getting your entire organisation on board and implementing it day-to-day. It's called onboarding.  The concept of onboarding is a little different than training and education; it indicates that you're integrating your team into a company or process

An amazing onboarding experience doesn't just happen. It requires planning & execution. Get yours done with our HubSpot onboarding guide. Learn how to build your onboarding process, along with customising your onboarding software to ensure a better experience for your customers. 

Learn What HubSpot Onboarding Is

What Is Onboarding?

As part of the new client onboarding process, HubSpot guides each client toward their goals to facilitate their achievement. Clients are usually provided with these short-term solutions for an agreed-upon period. They are intended to help them get up and running with HubSpot quickly.

HubSpot Onboarding by HubSpot is a comprehensive onboarding service that guides users to the value of the platform, its many features, and how to get the most out of it. It also helps you set up and optimally configure HubSpot. This onboarding service is designed to provide users with the best possible experience in their HubSpot journey, as it offers training and support on various aspects of HubSpot implementation. 

Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding is important because it can speed up the process of delivering value to users, and it can help you avoid frustrated users in the beginning who might not stick around if they have a bad experience. When you don't have help from the beginning, it can be tough to try and figure out everything on your own, and you might end up spending more time than necessary just trying to learn the basics of HubSpot.

Involve The Right People in The Onboarding Process

Who to include in onboarding?

The people who will be using HubSpot the most should be involved in its implementation and use. This depends on what your specific goals and objectives are. You'll need to involve those who have a stake in the subject matter and can provide valuable input when it comes to making decisions about the project. 

Other people who may need to be involved in the initial stages of HubSpot implementation are those who manage your website but don't work in the marketing department. For marketers to make full use of HubSpot's features, they need to be trained on how the tool works and what needs to be done. It is important to include these people at the start of the project to familiarise them with the project and its goals from the beginning.

Who Makes the Decisions? Why Is It Important to Find Them?

Establishing a point of contact is essential. This allows them to delegate from the start and manage the product. Also, they will be familiar with the team and know who is involved with what, so they are trusted to make decisions about who works on what.

Is There a Right Time to Introduce New Users?

New users should be introduced when you feel it is appropriate. This occurs once the basic configuration has been completed so that the new users can use it. Your use case may dictate when it occurs.

Adapt To Challenges Early On

Is There a Way to Speed Up My Success?

when you start with a new onboarding partner, you'll be given a well-detailed onboarding manual. This manual will guide you through the process of your integration and will go over the tools provided to you, how they're used and why they're necessary. The tools are set up into a sequence so you can easily follow along and everything will make sense. As your integration progresses, you'll start to see how all the tools connect to provide a seamless experience. To have the most success, you must follow the onboarding process your onboarding partner lays out by doing the steps in order. Don't try to jump ahead because there are a lot of moving pieces and you could easily get confused.

Why Is It Important to Trust Your Onboarding Partner?

Your onboarding partner is a great resource to have. They will help you understand the direction of your business and how to grow it. Due to their experience, they can act as a mentor and are well suited to guide you on how to be productive with your time and how to work on the right tasks. They are looking to help you succeed, so make sure you listen to their advice! In the long run, it will be worth your time to invest in them.

How Important Is It to Prepare Ahead of Time?

Setting up the system properly is essential because it can impede fundamental tasks, such as email marketing and creating landing pages. You will be able to get started on the fun stuff sooner if you come prepared and do your homework. The order of these tasks is not by accident.

Learn About HubSpot’s Customisation Capabilities

How Customisable Is HubSpot?

HubSpot has been the leading inbound marketing and sales platform for small businesses since it was founded. HubSpot doesn’t do web design for you, but it does provide you with all the tools necessary to create your design, or you can use HubSpot’s templates and migrate your current website’s templates. HubSpot is a platform that allows you to manage all your leads, follow them up with nurturing campaigns and sales funnels, collect leads and even track how they perform.  With HubSpot, you can track and measure your marketing campaigns in one place, with the ability to segment and filter your data using a variety of different marketing metrics. You can also create landing pages, forms, and email campaigns. The platform has several tools built-in for email tracking, and lots of guides and templates to help you build your website quickly and easily.

Is Third-Party Customisation A Business Necessity?

Despite all the templates that are on the market, you might need more customisation than what is available. The templates available are meant to appeal to the broadest audience. But when your product is unique, you will need customisation that is specific to your brand. Such customisation can be done by a third party on a contractual basis. With their expertise in HubSpot, their team can help you create brand-consistent content. 

Maintain A Data Management Plan

How Can HubSpot Help with Data Management?

HubSpot's data protection policy is very different from other CRMs. They will not just add your data to their system- they believe that this would be bad for your data protection. However, if you have a straightforward export then they can do a session on it during your onboarding to help you understand how to use their system to its fullest potential.

What Are My Data Management Options? 

Setting up data transfers from your e-commerce platform to HubSpot doesn't have to be complicated. You can use APIs to automatically add the data, or you can use a spreadsheet template. The template can be customised with the correct properties and dropdown values for your e-commerce platform. Then you can simply upload the file to HubSpot.

Do I Need to Have My Data in A Certain Format to Use HubSpot?

The final step before starting with HubSpot is to cleanse your data. It is essential that your contact's email address is correct and that they are still employed at the company linked to them. 

Know Who to Call for Onboarding Support

How Does a HubSpot-Guided Onboarding Process Work?

Your CSM is an excellent resource to have during your onboarding process. They will help you to understand everything you need to know about the company strategy and how you can best work within it. Once you are done with onboarding, your calls with them will be less frequent, but you can always rely on them for support. Another great resource is the Technical Support team. These guys are super helpful and can answer any questions you have about the technology you're using.

How Can a Partner Onboarding Program Help?

After your initial onboarding with HubSpot, you'll still have access to a CSM. Be sure to ask them questions and utilise their knowledge! You'll also have access to integrations, which were mentioned earlier in this guide. Some other great resources available to you are strategic advice, sector experience, and support packages. If you find that you need more than what's offered in the onboarding, don't hesitate to reach out for further help.

The right tools can make a big difference when you're using HubSpot. By choosing tools that integrate natively with HubSpot, you can get the most out of the platform. If you're interested in integrations, be sure to check out our complete guide to HubSpot Integrations. You can contact the Growth Consultant for help with HubSpot if you need it. Just book a meeting or get in touch.

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