Introducing our new benchmark group: HubSpot Benchmarks for Professional Services Firms (51-250) FTE and £10M - £50M)

We've recently completed the Databox accreditation course and are delighted to be able to offer you (as a client) insight into how your key metrics compare against your industry and market place. 

Benchmarking is a fantastic way to compare and contrast your performance against relevant measures produced by similar businesses to your own. I think that its really hard to say how well you are doing in your business unless you are benchmarking. Without it, its hard to see what good or bad even look like.

Your data will not be shared with anyone, even us. What you and others will see is how your performance compares against the group.

Step One

Join our FREE benchmarks group. Connect your HubSpot portal and immediately get insight into how your perform against hundreds of similar companies. Our benchmark group is set for companies in the professional services sectors, with a headcount of between 50 - 251 people and a turnover of between £10M and £50M. 

If you don't quite match those criteria, don't worry, there is still a lot of insight to be gained from seeing what the bigger guys (or smaller?!) are doing right now, in terms of their marketing and sales activities. 


Step two 

If you don't like what you see, or don't really understand what you see, then book a free consultation call with us to go over your results. 

Otherwise just take your time to reflect on what the benchmarks are telling you to help you decide on the long term and short term strategic activity of your business. 

Remember to set goals based the benchmarks that are most relevant to you, and suitable for the level of resource you are able to commit to the effort. We are happy to chat this through with you in the free consultation. 

Keep checking back with the bench mark group to see how you are progressing. Note the median and your performance metrics so that you can see your progress, or otherwise. 


Step Three

Using the guidance you are able to find in your benchmark group, pick the strategic objectives that will make the most difference to your business over the short, medium and long term. And with the benefit of the benchmarks you can be be sure the ones you choose are the right metrics, and the ones that will make the difference. 

For instance, if you find you are placed in the top quartile for sessions, it maybe more valuable to focus on your conversions, or some other place in the funnel, rather than to continue to drive traffic to your site thats not actually providing your sales teams with value. 

Enter Real Inbound

In fact, this is where we can really add value to you. With decades of experience in sales and marketing strategies for professional services firms, including our own, we are extremely well placed to guide you on the best ways to move the needle on the benchmarks we decide are the most important to you. 

You needn't do it alone. Wth Real Inbound on the team you'll have access to CRM, sales strategy and training, Content, SEO, and PPC expertise. Expertise designed to help your entire 'go to market' strategy flourish. 

And this time, it's based on what the data is telling you. 


Tony Dowling

FCIM | HubSpot Platinum Partner | Revenue Consultant | HubSpot Certified Trainer | South Wales HUG Leader | | 07812 582213

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