Warning: Take the Easy Jet hack seriously!

Here's a very quick couple of thoughts on why you need to take the Easy Jet 9M records hack seriously. It's not being too widely publicised for obvious reasons, and easy Jet themselves are playing it down, but you need to take this seriously. 

It's in the interest of the companies involved to not panic their customers. That makes sense. But it's important to realise how these cyber criminals work. 

They generally wont leap on your details and immediately try to rob you! They'll more likely look at this data as a way of filling out a bigger picture of you and your lifestyle. Hackers are much more patient than you might think. The average time to discovery of a hacker within a company network is around 200 days!

Be prepared for emails and calls for people asking for further information from you. This is based on the data you'll already lost, but they are looking to round that out even further. 

It's a little scary to think about, but you must do so. Talk to your bank about protecting your accounts and talk to Easy Jet about what you can do as regards your Easy Jet account too.

You'll also get some great information from the Informations Commissioners website and they can also help you with taking things a little further in terms of holding companies that suffer a data breach more accountable if that appeals too. 

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