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Our FREE health check offers an analysis of your portal’s performance.

We'll identify any issues that could be impacting your operational efficiencies

Our free HubSpot Health Check covers seven key areas: Data, Conversations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Alignment, and Reporting.


How healthy is your data? In the Data section, we'll evaluate the health of your data by looking for duplicates, unverified information, and out-of-date data. This can help you improve the accuracy of your customer information and avoid costly mistakes.


Is your comms talking the talk? The Conversations section will assess whether your live chat and chatbots are set up correctly and functioning as they should. We'll also review your sales content to ensure it's organized and effective, considering templates and snippets.


Is your silent salesman working to the max? We'll examine your sales processes in the Sales section. We'll check if your pipelines reflect your processes, if your salespeople use HubSpot, if their emails, phone numbers, and calendars are connected, and if your forecast tools are properly configured. We'll also review task queues, meeting links, and your configure-price-quote (CPQ) set up.


Could you be more social and engaging? In the Marketing section, we'll assess the effectiveness of your ad accounts, email marketing, and social media tools. We'll review your conversion funnels to ensure they're working correctly and examine your inbound enquiry handling and automation processes.

Customer Service

Are your prospects being served effectively? We'll evaluate your customer service operations in the Customer Service section. We'll review your ticket pipelines and ensure that inbound enquiry channels and self-service channels are connected and working correctly.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Is everyone on the same page? In the Sales & Marketing Alignment section, we'll check if all teams are on the same page to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.


Is HubSpot telling you everything you need to know? Finally, in the Reporting section, we'll ensure that HubSpot is providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your website and business.

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